Realty Ink's Trade Up Program

Realty Ink's Trade Up Program

At Realty ink we know how to maximize your selling price in today’s market. Many times, new carpet and paint can be a great investment. However, we understand, having the money and contractors is difficult in today’s market. With Realty Ink’s Refresh Program, you can use our proven contractors, and pay us back when you sell.

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Realty Ink’s Trade Up Program is so unique and is only available to Realty Ink’s clients.

Common Questions

Shop for your next home contingency free. In today’s market, sellers are not considering buyers offers who have a home to sell.

What if I cannot find a home, once mine is sold? We relieve the worry and stress of buying and selling a home by taking out the guess work.

Maximize your equity! You worked to hard building up your equity to just give it away. Realty Ink’s Trade up program allows you to buy a new home with out a contingency AND maximize your equity when you sell your current home at top market value.

Unlock your equity. You have the equity in your current home, but you need it for the down payment of your current home. Realty Ink’s trade up program is the perfect solution.

Do not get Scammed. Do not fall for these ibuyer cash offers, where they only pay 75% of the true value of your home.

Buy Now, Sell Later

Get the certainty of buying your new home first, then sell your old one.

Help win the new home you wantwith a competitive offer that is not on the sale of your current home—before your current home is even listed.

What areas do you work in? Our contractors are all local. We stay in the 734-area code, because that is where our local Real Estate knowledge is.

Live conveniently in your new home while prepping your old one for sale, and skip living through repairs and showings.

Help maximize your profits by getting your old home buyer-ready before you sell it.

One seamless move, no moving stuff into storage

Sell Now, Move Later

Get the liquidity of selling your home without having to move.

Proactively manage your financesto help qualify for your next mortgage or pay off debts.

Rent your home and stay with a month-to-month lease. Move to your new home without the pressure of someone else's timeline.

Help buy your next homewithout it being dependent on selling your current home.

Realty Ink’s Trade up program is so unique and only available to Realty Ink clients.

One seamless move, no moving stuff into storage

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