Realty Ink's Refresh Program

Realty Ink's Refresh Program

At Realty ink we know how to maximize your selling price in today’s market. Many times, new carpet and paint can be a great investment. However, we understand, having the money and contractors is difficult in today’s market. With Realty Ink’s Refresh Program, you can use our proven contractors, and pay us back when you sell.

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Common Questions

Do I make a payment? Realty ink makes all the payment to the contractors and the homeowner pays us back at closing.

Hidden fee’s? There are no hidden fees, interest, or charges to use our service. You pay us back at closing the exact dollar we paid out.

Which improvements are recommended before selling? Our agents are home flippers. We know what is needed, and what is not, to sell for top dollar in today’s market. Usually, the small repairs bring the best return on investment. In most cases, we expect that any repair costs incurred will double or more the return when selling or we do not recommend doing them.

Can we use our contractors? Yes, if you already have a quote or have worked with a contractor in the past you are welcome to use them. However, we would like to review the quote to make sure we are in agreement on the costs. We always recommend getting two quotes, and our agents can help with this.

What is required of the homeowner during the process? Each one of our Refresh projects is different. The homeowners can be involved as much as they want, or not at all. We understand people are busy or do not really want to talk with contractors. The only requirement we do have, is for the homeowner to approve any and all costs upfront. From there we will take care of the rest.

How long does it take? Each project is different, but our goal is to get your home sold as quickly and for as much as possible.

What areas do you work in? Our contractors are all local. We stay in the 734-area code, because that is where our local Real Estate knowledge is.

How does the process work? The homeowner fills out the form below. They are contacted by one of our experienced agents to go over the program. We evaluate the home to come up with an “as-is” value. Then we also provide a report showing any suggested repairs needed, the estimated cost of the repairs and the estimated selling value after repairs. This is all FREE, with no Obligation.

What’s the catch? We understand making repairs and moving can be very difficult. We are here to make the process easier and for you to sell for top dollar. All we ask is for Realty Ink to be the Realtor when selling your home.

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