About Canton Home Finder

Giving the power of information back to the consumers.

A short time ago real estate companies would hold homes off the market until a signed contract to work was lying on the realtor’s desk. Then the internet came along and now it is easier for consumers to search for homes. But there is still one problem. Other real estate companies demand your personal information to allow you to view ALL the homes on the market.

At Realty Ink we believe in giving our clients all the tools they need to search for their dream home without providing their personal information. Using our search portal, ALL homes are searchable, including asking price and other important information.

Why do we provide this unique search portal? We have found too many companies gather personal information about visitors and then sell the information to other companies. We have also found companies holding certain homes off the market or using other methods of steering potential home buyers to homes they make more commission on.

At Realty Ink we know that by giving you the power to find your own dream home and respecting your privacy we will gain your trust. When you are ready to see your dream home, or need our services, you will have the information you need, and be ready to work with the people you trust at Realty Ink. We will always be upfront, honest, dependable and provide excellent, personal service based on our in depth knowledgeable of our local market.